Christmas Kitchen Tips


Is your kitchen conducive to cooking a holiday meal? Xmas Eve through the New Year is typically a storm of guests and dinners.

Suddenly the sheer volume of cooking is what catches most people off guard.

Will the turkey fit in your oven? If your run two appliances at once, will your fuse short-circuit? Cooking requires a surprising amount of prep space, especially if you’re cooking multiple courses at a time. Make sure you have enough kitchen resources to get your through the holidays. Here are a few Christmas kitchen ideas to help get you there…

Why not invest in an over the sink chopping board, this will give you much more room whilst you try and juggle the Turley and all the trimmings

Buy a pot rack and hang your saucepans from the ceiling, it is what many chefs do as it saves space, Mtx Property Pros can happily hang for you

If you have space Install a kitchen island – With temporary or permanent island additions, you can increase the counter and storage space in your kitchen.

Ask Mtx to put up an extra shelf or to, every little helps they say

Check your waste disposal – Nothing worse than a broken waste disposal unit. A free flowing sink during food preparation is essential. A clogged sink can seriously inhibit your ability to defrost a turkey, clean dishes, or to keep a clean kitchen. Make sure your garbage disposal is prepared for leftovers and heavy use.

Why not ask us to check that everything is working before the festivities begin.

Here at Mtx Property Pros everything matters, Xmas and New Year is one of our favourite Holidays. Enjoy your guests and your home to it’s fullest by making sure you are fully prepared and ready for the holidays. Better to call us before it all begins as first its much cheaper but more importantly it gives you peace of mind and finegers crossed we can enjoy Xmas and New Year to without a call out to you.

Get a jump-start on your to-do list today with these and other kitchen tips get help from one of our home improvement experts. Just call 020 7610 118 1161 or find us at!