Sound Proofing Noise Through Walls

We’ve all experienced noise coming through walls – TVs, hi-fis and raised voices. Noise that comes through walls can disturb our sleep and generally make life a misery. Obviously, this kind of noise tends to come from apartments, terraced and semi-detached properties.

On the other side of the fence, you might have a noisy hobby, such as a musical instrument, and might want to stop noise coming though your own walls into next door. Or you may want to stop noise coming from other rooms in your own home.

Fortunately, there is a solution to noise coming through walls. At MTX, we can fit an independent wall lining of our acoustic building board, Maxiboard. You can then decorate this, just as you would plasterboard, to match your existing room. Maxiboard is a highly effective solution for noise coming through walls, and adds around 6cm to your existing wall thickness.

Existing Masonry & Timber Stud Wall Treatment

We fix Maxi Resilient Bars horizontally at 600mm centres right across the masonry wall or exposed timber studwork. Put mineral fibre slab between the bars, and screw the Maxiboards to the resilient bars. Place a bead of SRS Gripfix along the edge of each board. Remove the shiplap edge where Maxiboard abuts a wall, floor or ceiling, and place a bead of Sound Resistant Acoustic Sealant along the cut edge. Overboard the Maxiboard with a layer of 9.5mm wallboard and a skim coat of plaster.

Sound Proofing Service

If none of the above fits the issues you’re having with noise coming through walls, or maybe you have a more bespoke or specialised construction, don’t worry – at Mtx Property Pros Ltd, we’ve got vast range of solutions in these sort of ‘bespoke’ applications.

Just drop us an email to and one of our technical team will send you a bespoke specification to suit your situation. Or give us a call on 0207 610 118 1161 – we’re always happy to chat about soundproofing.